Britton + Andrew | Arrington Vineyards | Nashville, Tennessee | Adventurous Couple Session

January 9, 2020

Meet Britton and Andrew.

They met one summer in Virginia at a camp called Young Life when they were just about to go into their senior year of high school. The guy she liked at the time had introduced her to his friend Andrew (now her love) and she could immediately tell he liked her. They talked for a while and found that they both were into the arts (theatre) and were both sporty, he played football and she ran cross country.

They found out that they both only lived 20 min apart back home in Maryland! He told her to meet him at the ice cream parlor one day at the camp and when she walked in he was playing worship songs on his guitar and was SURROUNDED by a circle of girls. She thought, “oh no he is definitely a ‘player’ and she wasn’t too sure about him. He explained to her that he was playing with his friend Josh who was playing Ukulele and it was just the two of them. After some time had passed apparently some of Josh’s friends (girls) came to hear them play and sing along. Josh had to leave so she came in to the parlor right at the moment when it is was just Andrew playing to a bunch of girls. (Later she found out Andrew is really just a fun-loving goofball and not a player at all!!)

They hung out the next day and got to hammock together. She sat on the edge though just so he couldn’t make any moves on her (She says Andrew will definitely tell the story differently). He talked about how he wanted to get to know her more (so sweet) when we got back to Maryland. She told him “let’s become friends first and build from there.” So for the next two months they preceded to go on “non-dates” to their houses, restaurants, and a movie. Each time they got together they would start out doing a devotional with one another from Mark and a psalm to build the foundation for their relationship on their faith. At the last movie non-date they ended up holding hands and that kinda sparked to first start dating. That weekend he took her to a field at the old historic school by her house in Maryland. He sat up on the bleachers by the old baseball field and sang & played his guitar to a song he wrote to her. In the song he asked her to officially be his girlfriend and the rest is history!




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