Amanda + Jordan| Arrington Vineyards | Nashville, Tennessee | Adventurous Couple Session

January 18, 2020

Meet Amanda and Jordan.

They both had really rough backgrounds regarding mental health. Buttttt they had their lives radically transformed by Jesus at age 21 and met a few years later at their church. They fell hard for each other, dated for a year, he proposed in the sweetest way, and then they got married a few months later! They’ve been married for 7 years and have moved all over, gone to bible school together, worked at a church together & now they freelance from home together.  They’re best friends! They love Jesus, The Office, their sassy cat Zoey, and going on adventures. They pray for their miracle family to grow someday!

I think what’s extremely special about them is that they decided to wait for each other for marriage. So they decided (mainly he did) that they would wait to even kiss until they were engaged!!! They dated for a whole year before they got to have their first kiss! Amanda told me that it was so worth the wait! Especially once they got married 😉






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