Alex + Clay | Nashville, Tennessee | Couple Session

March 23, 2020

Meet Alex and Clay.

Clay graduated from Alabama in 2018 with a civil engineering degree and moved to Nashville to start his first big job. Alex had been living in Nashville for a little over a year, and had also moved there to start her first job as a nurse at Vanderbilt Children’s. The ironic part is that she graduated from Clemson, and if you know anything about college football their two colleges have been the biggest rivals in college football for the last few years.

Clay and Alex’s first big trip together was to California to see Clemson and Alabama play in the national championship. Every since then they have been traveling all over the country. They love to go on adventures and see new places. Clay went out of the country for the first time this summer for a trip with Alex’s family to Peru. It was an amazing experience, she said. Even when they are in town they love exploring and getting out.

They met in a very romantic way…. an online dating app…so as Alex puts it “they are basic millennials”. Lol! While the way they meet isn’t super special Alex said, their first date was great. Clay was quite the charmer. He also asked her a lot of serious questions which was a refreshing change from many of the guys in Nashville. The funny part is it was a great date, but when they left Clay thought he’d never see her again because he said she seemed too nice and he thought she was just nice to everyone and didn’t actually like him. Little did he know she was smitten and told her sister all about him that night!






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