McKenzie + Zachary | Nashville, Tennessee | Couple Session

March 23, 2020

Meet McKenzie and Zachary.

They met in hawaii 3.5 years ago. McKenzie was there for marine biology and Zachary was there just stationed in the marine corps. He had to chase her for a little while because she was not in the place where she wanted to date again, but once they went on their first date she knew right away he was the one. They started dating and 2 weeks later he had to leave for 2 months, then when he got back she went to meet his family in Virginia, then he deployed for 6 months, came home and met her family in Oregon.

Then they got engaged a couple months later! He proposed in a spectacular way. A specialized helicopter tour over the Hawaiian Islands, they stopped at a tower at sunset and he proposed while taking photos and they had champagne, a picnic and leis brought out by the pilot! Then they had their wedding ceremony 8 months later and then he deployed a couple months later for another 6 months. After he got back, they finished their time out in Hawaii and enjoyed their last 8 months on the island and moved to Nashville at the end of August to pursue his music dreams. They have 2 cats also!

The second deployment they faced had some serious struggle. It almost broke them all together, but they overcame it and are stronger and closer than ever. They’re thankful for God’s hand in that. McKenzie says it’s not “special” but it is in a way because in the military the word marriage isn’t as sacred or precious as on the outside. It’s common and so is divorce. McKenzie says it’s so sad how many marriages she watched fail and seeing as how soooo much of their relationship was spent on different parts of the world, making it as special. And it lets you know you can make it through anything.




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