Noel + Glenn | Nashville, Tenessee | Couple Session

March 23, 2020

Meet Noel and Glenn.

They’re both originally from the Pittsburgh area and met doing shows sometime around 2008. They were basically work acquaintances until 2013. Glenn had moved to Tulsa for bible college and was teaching there. Noel was still in PA. Noel said God randomly started speaking to each of them about the other to plant the idea! She said it sounds crazy, but that’s how you know it’s good.

It was perfect timing and they were both ready for a big relationship move, so eventually Glenn called and told her he wanted to pursue her long distance and that he prayed for her like he would pray for his future wife! A few weeks later, they met in Franklin, TN to go on their first date and within a year they were engaged, married, and living in Franklin! They work in ministry together and obviously live together (#marriage), so basically, they do all of their lives together and they love every minute of it.




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