Engagement Session | Robert Moses Beach, NY | Laura + Patricio

July 14, 2020

Get ready for a romantic engagement session at the beach! We were also rebels this day 😅 Meet Laura and Patricio. Before I tell you about them, I’ll tell you the story.


The beach is special to them, so we decided to go to Robert Moses Beach for their engagement session. I love beach engagement sessions because they’re always so much fun! Honestly I love any location and you can see other sessions here. Once I got there I realized I was in the wrong spot 🤦🏽‍♀️ That’s why I always like to arrive early! Laura helped me find them, thanks Laura! Anywho, we started taking photos on the beach. It was my first time meeting them since COVID-19 took away my favorite thing to do which is meet my couples over coffee before hand (but it’s okay, all for staying safe). They are incredibly sweet and so giggly!


We wanted to go to the boardwalk that led up to the lighthouse but it was closed off due to social distancing. Laura said she’s willing if I was willing…so over the fence we went! You’ll see below the photos from that area, and it was WORTH IT! We definitely felt like a couple of kids hopping the fence looking for trouble, haha. But thank God no one noticed! And there were a few people on there too so we weren’t the only ones! We weren’t there too long because we were afraid of ticks 😅 The rest of the time was so much fun and we enjoyed the water. When I gave Laura and Patricio a quick break, I caught them hugging while the waves crashed into them and it was so sweet. So glad I caught that!


The way they met is definitely a story to tell! She had matched with Patricio on a dating app. On their first date night, her dog decided to eat an entire bottle of anti-inflammatory medications (OH MY GOSH). Her parents urged her to cancel and reschedule but Laura said she knew and really felt that if she did, she would be changing the course of her life. So this is what Laura said, “I hooked up the camera, checked in on him throughout the date, explained to Patricio what had happened, and went. We hit it off and were dating consistently ever since. Turns out, we were both the very first people we met up with through the app! Deleted it after the second date and the rest is history.”

I have to say that if someone understands you taking care of your dog like that, especially on the first date, they’re a keeper 😊 Congratulations Laura and Patricio, I had so much fun during their engagement session and now I can’t wait to also shoot and be there for their wedding day next year!! 🎉

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