An Intimate Church and Nikkah Ceremony Summer Backyard Wedding

An Intimate Church and Nikkah Ceremony Summer Backyard Wedding on Long Island New York | Asar + Jacob


On May 25th 2020, after a bit of quarantine and not seeing one another for 3 months, Jacob and Asar went on a picnic in an isolated park where no one was around. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and we were just happy to be together. However, she wasn’t feeling well and she was having lower back pain! Jacob brought deli sandwiches and a few of her favorite snacks: Cosmic brownies, flavor blasted goldfish, and ginger-ale to make her feel better! They were sitting on the blanket, enjoying the day, and she was sitting on his lap where he was rubbing her back to make it feel better.

At one point, she started to fall asleep because she was very relaxed, when he asked her how her day was going. She said, “I’m happy. Even though I am in pain, I am with you and I’m happy where our life is headed together. With your new job and the move, I’m excited where it will lead us. I just love you and I’m just happy.” He then reached around to his cardigan where he fumbled for a couple of minutes. At this point, she started to fall asleep, and he nudged her awake and said, “It makes me really grateful that you said that because… I just have one question for you: Will you marry me?” And she said yes!


Their day had a summer garden vibe to it. They had the church ceremony and then the reception was at her aunt’s backyard. As they have two cultural backgrounds, they had both the church ceremony and a Nikkah (Islamic one)! Asar even changed into a green dress later on, which is traditional for a Nikkah ceremony. But before that, after the church ceremony we had some time to do bride and groom romantics and got to go to the library where Asar and Jacob met! We were able to quickly take some photos of them, due to COVID-19 we kind of had to act fast being inside a building. But nonetheless, we had fun! After we got back to the reception there was cocktail hour, food, speeches, etc. We even got some more alone time to take photos before sunset ☺️ All in all, it was a sweet intimate wedding ❤️ Hope you enjoy viewing these photos! View other recent weddings here.


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  1. Dawer A. Nadi says:

    All lovely pictures, memorable of a once in a life time event for all of us. May you two be always happy together and successful in life. Love you for ever. No condition. Dad.

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