Disney Inspired Engagement Session

Disney Inspired Engagement Session | Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY | Rebecca + Joshua


They met country line dancing at a bar and within 30 minutes of conversation, they realized that they were both not only country people but Disney nerds and jazz musicians! They knew right away they had at least found a new best friend. Instantly they began spending every second together and the rest is history! They are silly, musical, hardworking kids at heart who love their pets!


Josh is a marine mechanic for his father’s boat yard (among other things). For the entirety of their relationship, they have been accustomed to being on call 24/7 in the summer. She knew a proposal was coming soon, and she told him that not matter what he did she would love it, but to PLEASE make sure her nails were done for pictures. He started doing a number of unusual things surrounding that day, like taking the day off from work, making fancy dinner reservations and an appointment for her to get her hair done (but no nails). So naturally she was suspicious, but she wasn’t getting her nails done so she wasn’t sure. She had a great day by herself, getting her hair done and various things.

They went out for a very nice dinner and right before dessert she comes back from the bathroom to find Josh looking very sad. When she asked him what was wrong, he told her that a customer’s boat was sinking and they had to go help right away. This did not shock or bother her at all because she’s used to him being on call 24/7 and making it through a whole dinner is very rare. So they went down to their own boat to drive that over to the customer’s house where the boat that was sinking was apparently docked. Josh told her that the man was having a party, so the place would be all lit up and easy to see in the dark. He was right, and they tied up to the customer’s private dock which was all decked out in fairy lights, but with no one around. When she asked josh where everyone was, he pointed to a bright light in the distance.

A bunch of people started coming out from behind the light, which turned out to be their friends and family! At this point she was mentally in work mode and all thoughts of a proposal had left her mind completely, so she was really shocked! Then he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring and asked her to marry him and of course she said yes!


We had been checking the weather all week and just decided to go for it! As soon as we started it began to rain! But of course every session is an adventure ☺️ They began to dance in the rain and enjoy themselves. It only rained for about 5-10 mins then the rest of the time was full of laughing, eating ice cream and enjoying the sunset! They were so cute with all their Disney details! Their boots, the Mickey ears, and the Tangled inspired lanterns toward the end, all so sweet and special. I can’t wait to shot their wedding! I hope you enjoy these photos!

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