Sea Cliff Beach | New York Engagement Photography

August 17, 2021

For Stephanie and Joshua’s engagement session, we decided to head over to the beautiful Sea Cliff Beach. They both are teachers and have the summers off together, so they really wanted to capture that whimsical, free feeling they both have during this time. Stephanie told me they love jokes, the water, and flowers, so we made sure to bring that all into the session.

Like with many couples, I have a few techniques to get them to relax and enjoy the session. I played music, I had them focus on each other by prompting them in ways that were interacting and I made funny suggestions like whisper the name of a fruit in a sexy voice. This was a special engagement session as my florist friend Kat¬†from Kat’s Floral Touch created the bouquet for Stephanie. I always encourage couples to add anything special like a bouquet to their session because it adds an extra intimate element. They also brought a little picnic basket and a letter that he wrote to her. They read it quietly to themselves during the last few moments of the session.

Are you ready to book your own Sea Cliff Beach engagement photography? Contact me here to get started! And if you want to get some more inspiration, take a look at this beautiful beach engagement photography up on the blog!

Man holding woman kissing woman's head with woman holding bright summer bouquet on the beach Couple holding each other about to kiss on the sand of the beach Woman standing on sand in front of the ocean with summer bouquet Portrait of woman holding bouquet on the beach Couple holding hands walking on the beach together Candid portrait of Couple holding hands walking on the sand with woman holding bouquet Man hugging woman from behind on the sand shoreline of the beach Closeup of man wrapping arms around woman and woman's hands with square diamond engagement ring Candid shot of woman getting on man's back to piggy back on the beach Portrait of couple piggy backing on the beach in front of the ocean B&W woman kissing man's cheek while piggy backing Couple holding hands on the wet sand by the ocean and closeup of couple holding hands with square diamond ring B&W closeup of couple's legs and wet sinking in the wet sand B&W of calm wave coming in on the beach with blurry shot of couple holding hands Couple twirling on the sand in front of the ocean Detail shot of basket letter and bouquet on the sand Couple sitting on the sand together Couple sitting on the sand together and holding each other with bouquet Couple sitting together and kissing on the sand



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