Camp Hero State Park | Montauk Engagement Photography

There’s something so magical about Montauk at sunrise. Cassidy and Brendan’s engagement session at Camp Hero State Park was just so dreamy. These two had never done a sunrise shoot, and I was so honored that they chose me to capture their Montauk engagement photography. They were so sweet! We ended up hiking down through the rocky terrain in order to get to the beach area. We spent a bit of time down on the sand and watching the waves crash. Thank goodness Cassidy brought some extra sneakers! I had such a wonderful time with both Cassidy and Brendan. After their session, Cassidy wrote me the sweetest review about their experience working with me.

“We had such a great experience working with Thalia! From the minute we booked a session with her, she was so helpful with any questions/concerns. She made us feel very comfortable during the session so the photos flowed smoothly. Thalia went above our expectations with the beautiful photos! She is very kind and we had a great time with her. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone!!” – Cassidy

Are you ready to book your own New York engagement photography? Contact me here to get started! And if you want to get some more inspiration, take a look at this beautiful Montauk engagement photography up on the blog!

Portrait of couple standing in opposite directions with the sun setting on the ocean Couple about to kiss with the sunset light shining on them Shot of the ocean with blurry shot of Couple extending hands towards each other Man wrapping arms around woman and kissing her on the cheek on cliff by ocean Closeup of man holding woman from behind and woman holding man's arms with engagement ring on Closeup of man holding and kissing woman on the cheek with sunset behind them B&W Couple holding each other close and holding hands Woman on her tip toes kissing man on the forehead while the sun sets Couple sitting on gravel sand kissing in front of the ocean Blurry Couple sitting on gravel sand kissing in front of the ocean B&W Couple sitting on gravel sand in front of the ocean B&W closeup of man holding woman's back and couple nuzzling their noses Man wrapping arms around woman with sunset light shining off of them Closeup of woman holding man's arm with engagement ring on B&W man holding woman and kissing her on the cheek Couple holding hands up and walking on sand path together Couple holding each other and walking on gravel sidewalk Calm ocean waves crashing on cliffside Couple sitting together on smooth rocky shoreline with blanket and Champaign B&W Couple looking at each other sitting on rocky beach Couple popping Champaign on rocky ground Man pouring Champaign and woman holding Champaign glasses Detail shot of rocky cliffside formation Man kissing woman on rocky beach B&W Couple walking on smooth boulder beach together

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