Camp Hero State Park | Montauk Engagement Photography

Back in July, I had the great privilege of getting to capture Katherine and Anthony’s engagement session. Camp Hero State Park is where they got engaged, so of course we had to come back. They also first met at Jones Beach, so having their photos taken at the beach was a sentimental choice. Katherine told me that they love “making faces, singing and goofing around together, physical contact, and quoting rom coms.” They had never been professionally photographed and mentioned wanting to feel comfortable.

Katherine and Anthony have been together over 8 years, and wanted to have photos to remember this time. You only get to be engaged once, and it’s always such a special season of life.  During the session, I was able to make them feel comfortable by playing their favorite songs (one of them being Speechless Day & Shay) and I had them focusing on each other, guiding them in fun, flirty actionable prompts. They both were so sweet and so in love. I had such a great time photographing them!

Are you ready to book your own Camp Hero State Park engagement photography? Contact me here to get started! And if you want to get some more inspiration, take a look at this beautiful Montauk engagement photography up on the blog!

B&W couple holding each other close Woman holding man's arm and hand on gravel ground by the ocean Man wrapping arms around woman and kissing her on the cheek Closeup of man holding woman and woman's hand on man's face with diamond engagement ring Blurry couple extending arms to hold hands on light gravel ground Couple watching the sun set on the ocean water Couple kissing in front of setting sun Couple holding hands and walking together on gravel sand ground B&W Closeup of couple legs walking together Closeup of couple glazing their hands together with extravegant engagement ring Wide far shot of Couple holding each other on the cliffside B&W closeup of couple holding hands and each other close Woman holding man and resting head against man's chest in front of the ocean Couple holding each other and kissing B&W Man kissing woman on the cheek Closeup of woman holding man's arm showing off engagement ring Couple extending arms out and holding hands and about to kiss each other Couple holding hands and laughing on the beach in front of the ocean Couple holding hands and woman resting head on man's shoulder on the beach Closeup of Couple kissing and woman's hand on man's chest with engagement ring

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