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Meet Rosa and Harry. They’re expecting parents! This family is so giggly I had so much fun with them.    

Meet Peyton and Seth. Seth was here in Nashville working for his company, and they actually met on a dating app. They spent close to 4 months together here in Nashville and have been in the cupcake stage ever since! They have plans to get engaged soon once Peyton graduates college! Peyton thinks the way […]

Meet Noel and Glenn. They’re both originally from the Pittsburgh area and met doing shows sometime around 2008. They were basically work acquaintances until 2013. Glenn had moved to Tulsa for bible college and was teaching there. Noel was still in PA. Noel said God randomly started speaking to each of them about the other […]

Meet Nicole and Christian. They met in 10 different places! Nicole walked into Christian’s church for the first time when she was 10 years old (he was sleeping on the couch when she walked in). Anyway, they knew each other but never talked. Then she started going to a youth group at another church, and […]

Meet McKenzie and Zachary. They met in hawaii 3.5 years ago. McKenzie was there for marine biology and Zachary was there just stationed in the marine corps. He had to chase her for a little while because she was not in the place where she wanted to date again, but once they went on their […]

Meet Alex and Clay. Clay graduated from Alabama in 2018 with a civil engineering degree and moved to Nashville to start his first big job. Alex had been living in Nashville for a little over a year, and had also moved there to start her first job as a nurse at Vanderbilt Children’s. The ironic […]

Meet Caitlin and Adam. They met in college at Ole Miss almost 6 years ago and have been dating ever since. They moved to Nashville together almost 4 years ago. They got engaged in New York in October ’19 and have just started planning their wedding for next October!  

Meet Hannah and Thomas. They actually met on Bumble and did long distance for almost two years! He lived in Atlanta but was visiting Nashville for a Bachelor party when they matched. He had just downloaded Bumble THAT day and she had only had it for a few days. He went back to Atlanta (without […]

Meet Amanda and Jordan. They both had really rough backgrounds regarding mental health. Buttttt they had their lives radically transformed by Jesus at age 21 and met a few years later at their church. They fell hard for each other, dated for a year, he proposed in the sweetest way, and then they got married […]

Meet Britton and Andrew. They met one summer in Virginia at a camp called Young Life when they were just about to go into their senior year of high school. The guy she liked at the time had introduced her to his friend Andrew (now her love) and she could immediately tell he liked her. […]