Mentor Sessions, Guides & Resources

I am now offering mentor sessions. digital guides and templates are coming soon! You can find these services and goodies down below!

Because I was once a confused photographer and business owner who didn't know a thing. I wholeheartedly believe in community over competition and I want to see you grow!

With the experience and knowledge I've got under my belt, I WANNA HELP YOU!

You don't need to wait years to learn these things, like I did. To learn how to have an organized workflow, how to give the best client experience, how to attract and book your ideal clients, ALL THE THINGS! You've got the talent and now you need guidance. Because talent alone, wont get you super far. As a photographer you're not JUST taking photos. You are SERVING a couple. You are MARKETING your work and the experience you provide. You own a BUSINESS. 

I'm glad you're here because that means you're ready to KICK your business level up a notch!!

Working late after your 9-5 to accomplish your dream of being a photographer. Or you're just simply stuck on how to step up your game in your photography business.

I see you and I've been where you are. 

Guides & Templates

Sometimes you just need a lil boost as you're starting out. If you have a bunch of questions you've been dying to know or you just need some new ideas then this is the perfect option for you. Once you book, you can submit 5-7 super important questions. Then we'll hop on the phone, I answer those questions and we can chat further!

$100 // 30 mins // Call or FaceTime

Mentor Session One

This option is great if you wanna go more in-depth. Once you book, you'll fill out my questionnaire so I can get to know where you're at and what you wanna learn from our time together. Topics you can ask about (but not limited to) are inquiry process, client experience, social media, editing, prep for sessions/weddings, posing, etc.

$200 // 1 hour // In Person or FaceTime

Mentor Session Two

This one is THE ONE if you're more of a hands on learner. You have time to pick my brain, ask all your questions AND we'll shoot an actual couple session (with a real couple) together! You'll also get to see the client experience I provide, you'll see a first hand approach to how I interact with the couple, how I guide them, how I make them comfortable, etc. You'll capture the couple as well and get a chance to ask me any more questions after the shoot.

$500 // 3 hours // In Person

Mentor Session Three