Don’t Overlook This Step in Your Wedding Planning

Alright, so you’ve booked your venue, the photographer, honeymoon, catering, etc. You’re pretty much done right? Nope! You’re missing something extremely important. And that is the location where you are getting ready in for your wedding. A lot of couples overlook this step, but that’s okay because it isn’t really their job to know about the importance of lighting and space. That’s the photographers job, and that’s where I come in!


You can book a room at a hotel or rent an Airbnb house, that simple. The reason why you should consider this is because let’s face it, not all of us have a Pinterest perfect room or house. I surely don’t! We have clutter all around our house whether we like it or not. So it’s best to get ready at a place that’s aesthetically pleasing, organized and spacious. The colors of the room/house are key as well. Try to get a place with neutral tones like white, cream, light grey, etc. Avoid red, orange or anything bright because it would match your skin tone, which is no bueno for photos.

Not only is location important, but lighting is a HUGE factor into this. You want to book a room/house with as much natural light as possible. Meaning, a lot of windows! Trust me when I say that this basic adjustment makes ALL the difference in the photos taken. When a bride gets ready in a room that’s dark and cluttered, the photos really do suffer no matter how much we try to edit it. And while we’re on the subject of clutter, where ever you choose to get ready make sure there’s at least a corner near the window that is clutter FREE. It’s easy for everything to end up everywhere. Nothing’s worse than taking a gorgeous photo of you and the girls while there’s 2 plastic water bottles and a getting ready bag in the background!

To start the wedding day off right and get beautiful wedding photos, I highly recommend my brides to book a room/house. Trust me sis, you’ll thank me later!

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