NYC engagement photos at The Frenchette

NYC Engagement Photos in the Tribeca Area

I could tell that Kassandra and Mike’s engagement session was going to be epic from the moment they inquired! I absolutely love traveling to NYC for weddings, engagement photos, and pretty much anything else if I’m being honest. I was so excited to head to my favorite city again, which just so happened to be where K & M fell in love. If you’re planning your engagement session and want some unique inspiration, keep on reading!

The most aligned couple I could ask for

When Kassandra inquired with me, I knew we were going to be a perfect fit. Whenever clients come to me wanting my specific style and approach to photography, there’s not much more I can ask for! Throughout the years, I’ve developed my own personal style as an NYC photographer, and I pride myself in taking the non-traditional route. So when clients recognize that and fall in love with it, nothing makes my heart happier!

Of course, it was also a major plus that they wanted to have their engagement session in New York City, a place that holds meaning for myself and them as a couple. They truly desired my direction and creativity for their session, and as an artist, that’s absolutely necessary in order for me to produce my best work! I’m telling you, this session was set up for success from the very beginning. 

NYC engagement photos at the Roxy Hotel, The Frenchette, and Saluggi’s Pizza

We started their session at the Roxy Hotel, where Kassandra and Mike had their first date! We wanted to honor how special that location was to them, so it only felt right to start the session off there. The second I began shooting, I knew these photos were going to be some of my all-time favorites. 

First of all, K & M looked amazing!! She wore a long, silky black dress and he wore a classic black tux, giving the ultimate elegant, sexy vibes. Looks aren’t everything, but when I have couples who are fashion-forward, it elevates their photos in a way that nothing else can. Kassandra even got her makeup done by The Glow by Fay and a fresh cut + color from Catherine Colorist NYC before the session. Oh, and can we talk about K’s gorgeous ring from Delicate Gem NYC?? The way it showed up in their photos was breathtaking!

Second, I was enamored with how in love these two were right from the beginning. They had so much playful banter with each other and weren’t afraid to be their silly selves! I was able to capture their emotions, and more importantly, their love, so authentically because of how comfortable they were with each other. By the time we got to The Frenchette for drinks (and more photos), I had gotten to know them on such a personal level. They were so open to being vulnerable with me, and it felt like we had been friends forever.

Our last stop for the evening was Saluggi’s Pizza, where they said it was very “them” to be overdressed for something as simple as a pizza date. I loved the juxtaposition of this part of the session because they did actually look so cool in their fancy outfits eating giant pieces of pizza. If any couple were to pull this off, it would be Kassandra and Mike! 

Ready to plan your engagement session?

When I left K & M for the evening, I couldn’t help but call my husband to gush about what an amazing time I had with this couple. If there’s one thing to look for in a photographer, it’s to make sure they’re honed in on what type of couples they work the absolute best with! If you and your partner want your love story authentically told and value the relationship with your photographer, we just might be a great fit. To get in touch with me about photographing your NYC engagement session, you can fill out my contact form and I’ll get back to you soon!  

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