Lauren & Harry’s Unforgettable Engagement Party at Gran Torino in Brooklyn

I can’t wait to tell you about one of the most fabulously fun nights I’ve had the pleasure of capturing: Lauren and Harry’s engagement party at Gran Torino in Brooklyn!

First things first, this wasn’t your typical engagement shoot. Nope, Lauren and Harry wanted to switch things up and make their engagement party the main event. And let me tell you, it was a total blast — a disco dance party that had us grooving all night long.

Lauren & Harry’s Unforgettable Engagement Party in Brooklyn

Lauren and Harry are the epitome of fashion-forward, which you know I absolutely adore. From the moment I met them, I knew this event was going to be special. Their choice of Gran Torino as their venue just screamed cool, and it perfectly matched their chic, vintage vibes.

The night was alive with colors, lights, and, most importantly, love. I was all over the place, capturing the laughter, the funky dance moves, and the sweet little moments that made the night memorable. And, of course, the vintage cake that was just too cool not to photograph!

Why an Engagement Party Photoshoot?

If you’re contemplating whether to have a photoshoot at your engagement party, let me tell you right now — it’s a brilliant idea! Not only does it capture all the pre-wedding excitement and fun, but it also gives you a chance to gel with your photographer. Trust me, having a photog who gets your style and knows how to make you laugh can make your big day even more relaxed and genuine.

Shout out to the coolest venue!

Big love to Gran Torino for hosting us and making the night absolutely perfect. If you’re looking for a spot that’s both stylish and fun, you can’t go wrong with them.

Looking For an NYC-Based Engagement Photographer?

So, whether it’s an engagement party, a small wedding, or just a day you want to remember forever, keep it funky, keep it stylish, and don’t forget to dance like nobody’s watching! I can’t wait to capture more nights like this one. If you’re planning something similar, don’t forget to reach out through my contact form so I can photograph it!

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