What to Do in Warwick NY This Fall

If you’re in search for some fall activities, I’m your girl! And you’ve definitely come to the right place because I’m all about fall and the amazing fun things that come along with it! So I’m here to help you make your fall activity search a little bit easier. Last weekend I went on an amazing day trip with some of my friends to Warwick, New York. We went to a couple of orchards, walked around in an apple festival and of course, enjoyed the scenery. 

We wanted to follow the Warwick Valley Apple Trail and go to all the orchards on that trail, but we ended up only going to two of those orchards. So please do me a favor and go on this entire trail when you go! The actual trip to Warwick was roughly a two hour drive, it says 1 hour and 36 minutes from exit 20 N on the Southern State Parkway, but you know with traffic and all. I know it’s a little far and you’d rather go to an orchard that’s on Long Island (if you’re a Long Islander reading this). But I really recommend taking this trip for a few reasons:

  • You get to make a day out of it
    Nothing’s better than planning a whole day filled with fun activities with loved ones. You enjoy their presence more, have much more fun and you get to experience a new place! I don’t know about you but I love day trips!

  • The scenery on the drive there AND while you’re there
    Okay, Warwick is beautiful. From the little sections that I passed by and was in, its absolutely gorgeous. The mountains, the hills, the farms, the trees, all of the fall foliage…we had to stop the car a few times just to take it all in. If you’re like me and enjoy the scenic route and the simple pleasure of looking at nature, especially fall foliage…then going to Warwick is for you.
  • You get to follow an apple trail
    I’ve never been on an apple trail, have you?! Sounds cool, right? Although we only got to visit two orchards (please leave early and manage your time! That was our mistake) it was still pretty fun doing a little bit of “orchard hopping” (haha). There’s different things in each orchard so it’s really nice and refreshing to try a bit of everything.

Those are my main reasons for taking this trip. Now to telling you where I went:


I adored Applewood Orchard and Winery so much! They have apple picking, wagon rides, a picnic area, variety of food and wine/beer and a field. Although we didn’t do our apple picking here, I would absolutely come here again. First off, look at that view! That’s just the field that we were sitting in. Behind us there was a volley ball net and people were having fun playing volley ball. Some, including us, were just sitting on the grass enjoying the view. The kids were running around down below, and there even seems to be a trail around the lake because I saw people walking.

Once you walk in there’s an apple wood fired pizzeria and a cafe/bar to the left. As you walk through there’s a little winery place to the right, and next door is Apple Dave’s Kitchen. We got on that line quick because it constantly gets long. They had coffee, cider, apple pie, hot chili, pulled pork sandwich and nachos with cheese. Mind you, everything is homemade there! I got the apple pie because I’ve never had it! It was really yummy but it definitely missed some ice cream on the side.

We had fun eating and relaxing there for sure! They even had a live band playing and if I’m honest with you I was really digging the folk/indie sound they had. I would love to come back to do some apple picking and a wagon ride! Hurry because they close in late October!

**BY THE WAY! As you enter the orchard you purchase picking bags. The bags cost .50 cents for a half peck bag and $1.00 for a half bushel bag. You pay ONLY for the apples that you pick! There are no admissions fees, wagon ride fees, music & puppet show fees, parking fees or other ‘add-on’ charges. You’re welcome! 🙂


I’m going to be really honest here, not that I’m ever not honest, but this is probably my first bad review. I’m not saying the Warwick Apple Festival was bad, it was just disappointing. I had high expectations. I thought it was going to be something entirely different. Since it was an “apple festival” I thought there were going to be a lot of “apple things”, and I wasn’t alone in thinking that. My friends thought it, even a stranger asked my friend if she would come here again because there were no apples! It was just a lot of craft vendors and food venders, a live band and some playful things for the kids. I was expecting a “bob for apples” and haystacks and you know…fall things. But it wasn’t, so I was disappointed. I would not come here again. Thank God we did not pay for parking and there were no entrance fees!


The Apple Ridge Orchards was a gorgeous gem of a place. As you walk in you’ll see the farm stand on the right. Straight ahead is the pumpkin patch and next to it on the right is the entrance to the orchard. It’s really beautiful! We got to ride on the wagon ($3 each person) and ride around the orchard. Please do this during the sunset! That’s what we did. It was perfect timing because as we rode around the field, the sun settling down made everything picture perfect. It made the ride just a little bit sweeter.

The farm stand was really cute. They sold already picked apples, homemade jellies, butter, fresh preserves, fresh pressed apple cider and homemade apple cider donuts and other yummy treats. I fell completely in love with the cider donuts, so please get those! They have a sweet deal: 12 donuts for $10. They also have a Honey Bee Observation Hive, but I didn’t see it in action. As well has animal petting and a corn field. I would definitely come back here again for the apples and the donuts!

Here’s a mini recap video of my day!

I hope I made your search just a little bit easier! Trust me it was such a fun car ride and it honestly went by so fast. It was worth it because the scenery was beautiful, the orchards are really the best in that area and it was so much fun! We couldn’t get through the entire apple trail like we wanted to but at least we visited 2 and we loved them! Thank you for reading, I hope this makes you want to try it out!

Check back soon for a full report on the outfit I wore that day, just in case ya’ll were wondering 🙂


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