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What did you go to Nashville for? to record my next single and try and make new relationships with awesome people!   What did you do there? the first few days were dedicated to recording the song. we wanted to put all our attention on that so we could give our best effort. the rest […]

A guide for your next fall foliage trip!

A view of the beautiful fall foliage from Vermont Route 100 down to Catskills, New York

A guide on places to visit on Route 100 in Vermont

Fall activities in the Hamptons

If you’re in search for some fall activities, I’m your girl! And you’ve definitely come to the right place because I’m all about fall and the amazing fun things that come along with it! So I’m here to help you make your fall activity search a little bit easier. Last weekend I went on an […]

When life gets a little tough, a girl’s trip will definitely lift your spirits! I’m so glad I got to hang out with some of my lady friends in the Hamptons early this summer, it felt like a total dream. For those who haven’t gone to that area, I’m telling feel like you’re on […]

The other day as I was waking up, my aunt caught me off guard with a question. She asked me, “Let’s have breakfast, what’s around here?” Usually I would suggest IHOP or a diner..but that day I was honestly kind of tired of going to those same places. I wanted to try something new! So […]

Ya’ll know how much I love finding new food’s one of those things that I just have to do and love doing. I loveeee good food, and all though I’ve been to a lot, I’m giving you my fav top 5 that I’ve been to over the past couple of months. They’re places in […]

Sammy had given me tickets to see Colony House as a Christmas gift. The day finally came, March 2, and we had made plans to make a day in NYC out of it. Well, technically half a day. The venue was The Bowery Ballroom, which is about less than 20 minutes by car and an […]