Sammy’s Trip to Nashville

What did you go to Nashville for?

to record my next single and try and make new relationships with awesome people!


What did you do there?

the first few days were dedicated to recording the song. we wanted to put all our attention on that so we could give our best effort. the rest of the days involved exploring the city and hanging out with new friends. 


What are your hopes and expectations?

first off, i hope this song is heard by people. i really believe it will bless, encourage, and draw people closer to god. second off i am praying it opens up new opportunities for me to present my music in more areas and to different people. 


What’s next for you?

in this upcoming season i see me doing the same thing i have been doing except i am more passionate and ready to work harder. that would be continue writing songs, continue working towards new goals, and continue to try and meet new people and have the chance to play my songs for them.

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