Do I need a second photographer?

Do I need a second photographer?


I hear this question all the time from couples who just aren’t aware about the amazing perks of having two photographers. Thankfully you’re reading this and I’m about to fill you in! FYI all these photos in this blog post are from weddings I have been a second photographer for!




I totally get why the idea of two photographers can be a little worrisome especially when it comes to money. Investing in one photographer is already enough, why add two? I’m pretty biased when it comes to this as a photographer BUT, as someone who got married last year I can attest to wishing I had two photographers at my wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my photos and they were ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. But obviously one photographer is one person (duh) so he was more focused on my husband and I, as it should be! However if I would have gotten another photographer I would have gotten so much more. Things like reactions from my friends and family and more candids of them. That is what you will miss out if you don’t choose to get a second photographer. 




We all know it’s impossible to be at two places at one time..right? So it’s a no brainer that having two photographers is essential in covering the bride prep and the groom prep, especially when they’re getting ready in two different locations. And let’s just say the groom doesn’t want prep photos. A second photographer would still be helpful in capturing candids of the bridal party getting ready while the lead photographer captures the bride’s details like her dress, rings, invitations, etc. I’m sure you didn’t know this but capturing those details takes a while! So having a second photographer eliminates the need to rush through things. And we do not wanna rush! Rush = not getting the amazing top quality photos. 

I’ll also add that more times than not, the lead photographer will be with the bride and groom taking portraits and/or wedding party and family photos probably during cocktail hour. It’s the second photographer’s role during this time to capture cocktail hour candids of people mingling and having fun (not while eating lol) and capturing the details and decor of the reception. It would be impossible to try to squeeze in time for one photographer to do this!




The ceremony is the most crucial part of the day to capture. Every bride wants that shot walking down the aisle, the shot of her groom crying, her parents reaction and probably the shot of her dress train from behind. How do we achieve that? Having two photographers!


As lead photographer, I am focused on you and I’m typically located right in front of you in the middle of the aisle. There are so many moving parts to the ceremony that I cannot afford to miss anything, not a glance not a tear nor a laugh. I need to capture you two fully when you’re looking at each other, reading your vows, praying, your first kiss as a married get it. Sure, if there’s time (like when the officiant is talking) I will move a little bit to capture people’s reactions but again I cannot stress this enough..I am locked on you two. Getting a second photographer will ensure that you get candids, reactions and different angles of what I’m already capturing. And I don’t have to explain this part, but if you have a wedding that’s on the larger side…get a second photographer!



I never wanna force anything upon anyone, so if you simply cannot get a second photographer, no worries there’s always a way to work things out! But I would be sad if you didn’t at least consider it. So much happens simultaneously at weddings no matter how big or small. They’re all worth capturing and remembering for years to come! There are things that are just too impossible for one photographer to capture, getting two is always worth it! I really hope this helps you make a decision!

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