Grilled Cheese in Brooklyn

So I love grilled cheese ya’ll. My friend has been talking about this spot called Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen for a while now. He actually went there before me and he said it was the best grilled cheese spot ever. So when we found ourselves in Brooklyn again in early October, we just had to give a little visit. First off, it started to pour that day as we were walking towards the shop. So imagine just getting inside, shoes all wet and smelling the amazing scent of melted cheese and toasted bread. Good, right? 

We sat down next to the window, we could have gone upstairs but of course I insisted on sitting where it was pretty. #dontjudgeme 

The place was really cute, warm and homey. The brick walls added a nice touch along with the abstract art on them.

As I was looking through the menu my mouth began to water. Everything looked SO delicious, I just wanted everything. My friend told me that the spicy onion jam was amazing, unfortunately they didn’t have any that day. Must be in high demand! Anyway, I believe he ordered The Club and I decided to make my own grilled cheese. It involved lots of cheese (I forget which kinds since it was a few months ago), avocado, tomato, and bacon. Gosh it was so yummy.. Look at the mouth watering photos below!

We loved this grilled cheese spot! Next time you’re around this area in Brooklyn, stop by! I promise you wont regret it 🙂



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