Concert in Connecticut

I saw Switchfoot! And Relient K! I was so excited, I haven’t seen Switchfoot in such a long time…I love seeing them perform, I always leave inspired. I’ve never seen Relient K though so that was a bonus! I love their songs so it was nice to finally hear them live.

We decided to make a day out of it so we left NY early. We were STARVING so we picked a place near the venue (College Street Music Hall), and man let me tell you, we had the best nachos <3

This little place called Oaxaca Kitchen had the BIGGEST nachos and tacos I’ve ever had, I couldn’t finish everything! But it was so yummy and so worth packing it up for left overs. The nachos were so cheesy and fresh, ugh! Just writing this makes me want them again. Let me let the photos speak for themselves…

After this delicious meal, we went online to wait for the concert 🙂

The concert was so awesome!! Relient K was so on point with their set up. Matt Thiessen is pretty funny on stage when he makes jokes too. And Switchfoot..WAS AMAZING. It was honestly the best yet, and I’ve seen them twice before. Even Sammy said it was their best yet. They just keep getting better and better! 

At the end of the show, Jon Foreman did a little midnight aftershow. It was so sweet and intimate, I feel like I got to know a little bit about Jon in those 15 miuntes. He’s such a humble guy.

Give them a listen, I promise you they are so so so talented!

Some FAV songs from Relient K are Bummin’, God, I So Hate Consequences, and Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been

Some FAV songs from Switchfoot are Dare You to Move, Learning to Breathe, Where I belong, Light and Heavy and Shake this Feeling

Relient K

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