One of the Best Tacos in NYC + Colony House

Sammy had given me tickets to see Colony House as a Christmas gift. The day finally came, March 2, and we had made plans to make a day in NYC out of it. Well, technically half a day. The venue was The Bowery Ballroom, which is about less than 20 minutes by car and an hour on foot from Penn Station. And guess what we did, we walked! It wasn’t that cold, and we wanted to just walk and enjoy the city.

As we were walking, we started to get hungry. We passed a lot of food places before stopping at Dos Toros Taqueria. Sammy LOVES tacos, and I happened to be in the mood for them.

I had one chicken taco and one steak taco, Sammy had a burrito and we shared guacamole + chips. It was SO YUMMY! Everything tastes so fresh, the customer service was lovely and you get to see them cooking in the kitchen. They are definitely on my best taco place list! There’s a a lot around in NYC so make sure to stop by if you’re in the mood for great tacos 🙂

After that, we walked towards the venue. They weren’t letting people in yet so we went to this French cafe nearby. It’s called Ceci Cela. The coffee was really delightful and it helped pass the time as we waited to see Colony House. It also woke me up!

The band that opened up for Colony House was Deep Sea Diver. I’ve never heard of them but I loved their music! They’re on my Indie Rock list FOR SURE. And of course, Colony House was AMAZING! I’ve only seen them once back in 2015. Funny story about that actually. Sammy and I had a bit of ‘bad luck’ I guess I could say regarding Colony House concerts. That time in 2015, we were supposed to go but he couldn’t make it due to a Guatemala missions trip. Next, I bought tickets as a surprise but then we couldn’t go because we had a Live to Worship event to attend to so I had to sell the tickets. And then I think the next time we wanted to go we couldn’t even buy tickets because of another scheduling issue. So we FINALLY got to see Colony House on March 2, 2017! And what made it even more special is we got to enjoy them with Sammy’s brother and his girlfriend (also my friend). So it was a perfect night! If you haven’t listened to Colony House, then you should! Currently my fav songs from them are Cannot Do This Alone, Lonely and You Know It.

Colony House

Till next time

P.S. I need that embroidered denim jacket that Caleb is wearing!!


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