What to Put on Your Wedding Website

With everything turning digital, creating a website for your wedding is quickly becoming a must! It makes things incredibly easy on you and for your guests, which is a win-win!

Just so you know, I had a wedding website and I used it as the save the date as well as the invitation. Yep, you read that right. Instead of sending out physical save the dates and invitations, I used my wedding website for both. We saved a lot of money there! Invitations wasn’t a priority for us which is why the website worked out perfect. Every couple is different though so if invitations are your thing, go for it! I just wanted to share a money saving alternative! Also the majority of our guests (we had 100) were millennials, so we knew they wouldn’t mind lol. We did send out physical save the dates and invitations to both our families and some guests who weren’t tech savvy.

While creating your website there are a few key things that obviously should be there, and some things that can be added to make sure your guests have all the details they need so they don’t ask you the same questions 10 times. Here we go!

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You’ll need to put your names, wedding date, location and time. And add your wedding hashtag if you have one! Mine was #OnClouldNino šŸ™‚

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It would be very nice of you to put where people can fly in, take the train, etc. And any hotel/airbnb recommendations for stay. Some people make a weekend out of your wedding so suggesting what they can do locally would be an awesome thing to do.


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Everyone loves your love story! For my wedding website, I had put a section where I told the story of how Sammy, my now husband, and I first met and how he proposed. So many people messaged me saying they loved reading it!

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Put them on your wedding website!! So all your guests can see how cute y’all are šŸ™‚ Show them off!



Wanna save money on RSVP response cards? Here’s your answer: RSVP online on your wedding website!! Now you do have to keep in mind that not everyone is or unable to be tech savvy. So make sure to have physical RSVP response cards for those folks that need them.



It’s super important to put your wedding day timeline on your website so your guests can get an idea on times, locations and how long the day is going to be. You can avoid guests texting you the day of your wedding asking for the location, like Meredith from The Office haha. Super important if you have different locations for ceremony and reception, it’s helpful to guests to know that to accommodate for it. Especially if you are using a shuttle bus or some type of transportation for your guests, let them know about that too.

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Don’t let your guests be like Phyllis who ignored Pam’s registry, and got her a romantic birdhouse mailbox. Unless that’s your thing, or you’re not having a registry..it’s good to spell that out on your wedding website so it’s clear to guests how you are (or not) receiving gifts! You can provide the link to your online registry, super easy! Or if you’re only accepting money, you can provide your Venmo/Cash App/Paypal/etc link too.



I’m especially excited about this one because I went IN on my FAQs section on my wedding website. I barely got any questions asked to me. And if someone did ask me a question, I told them to look at the FAQ page on my wedding website! To find out what kind of questions you can ask, you can click this blog post I wrote, here. This is a must-have section on your website because it can state any rules, guidelines, and need-to-knows. And it’s right there completely accessible, so anyone can read and not forget.


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Some couples add their wedding party info to make it fun and inclusive. They add everyone’s photo and their title and a little bio.

Let your guests know if you’re having a cash bar, so they’re ready if they wanna drink.



Have fun building your website! It should be an experience for you two to enjoy. Make it like how you want it! I recommend using ZOLA, only because I used them for my wedding website. It was easier, modern and the website templates looked better in my opinion.

Let me know in the comments below if that helped ya!


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  2. […] What to Put on Your Wedding Website […]

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