Choosing The Right Wedding Photographer

Choosing the right wedding photographer can be either really exciting..or a daunting task. Professional photography has become an extremely competitive market. There are lots of websites to sort through, blogs to pour over, and advertisements everywhere. It can seem almost impossible to find a perfect fit! The good news is that with a little time and effort, you can do your own research and find a photographer that’s just right for you.

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Choose the right wedding photographer close to home

A great way to start your photographer-seeking journey is by asking friends and family if they recommend anyone in the area. Chances are that they’ve worked with (or know someone who’s worked with) a great photographer for portraits or life events. Chances are also good that a photographer who’s worked well with people close to you will also work well with you! Almost all of my referrals are word of mouth, and those clients generally end up not only being my photography subjects, but my good friends as well!

Using Facebook and internet searches are also great ways to find local photographers. Most professional photographers have a strong online web presence with portfolios of their work for you to browse. Once you’ve found a few you’re interested in working with, don’t be shy about emailing them! Schedule a phone call or casual in-person meeting to get a feel for the photographer and his/her process for creating photos. It will quickly become clear whether it’s a good fit for both of you!

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Think of choosing the right wedding photographer as an investment, because it is..

Because it is! It’s no secret that great art is expensive, and this can be the case for photographers as well. Remember that these images are an investment – in yourself and in your family. Good photographers intend your images to be family heirlooms and plan for this by offering quality print products built to hold their color and detail for a lifetime.

Although choosing the least expensive photographer may seem like an attractive option, you should still consider this: Great photographers with amazing client service are typically booked solid and price themselves to reflect this. If budget is a main concern in selecting a photographer, try contacting a few “dream” photographers and let them know your intended price range. They may be willing to work with you and offer payment options or smaller packages to fit within your budget. I always like to work with my clients because I understand, as a former bride, how budgets play a big roll. My final note on this is, how is the photographer going to serve you? What value will they bring to you? You’ll be able to make a decision from there. Just because a photographer is 5k doesn’t always mean they’re amazing. They could have horrible customer service and bring no value to you except great photos. But there are photographers who charge under that and are amazing at taking photos AND bring value and serve you in every area. So do your homework and make sure you know who you are going to work with.


Pro Tip:

Photography is an art; as such you can expect every photographer to offer a unique style of imagery. You don’t have to be an art expert to decide whether or not you like a style – just browse through their portfolio. If the photographs you see make you feel good and are something you could envision in your home, chances are the photographer is a stylistically good fit for you!

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Personality Fit

Have you ever met a new friend, significant other, or business contact that you just “click” with? Your personalities seem to fit as though you’ve known each other far longer than you really have, and you feel comfortable in conversation. Choosing the right wedding photographer should feel this way as well – at least to a certain degree! Trust me on this!

You are hiring a photographer that needs to understand what makes you special and bring out the best in you on camera. It’s essential to find someone you feel comfortable with, someone who can really see what makes you who you are and translate that into visual art. This special chemistry will make all the difference in the final images! I do this by getting to know my clients. It’s not mandatory (because I understand folks are busy) but I like to meet my couples over coffee. We chat, get to know about each other, we can ask each other all the questions on the spot without the hassle of back and forth emails. It’s a great way to really connect and know who you are working with! Another great way to know if you click with a photographer, is by checking out their Instagram! A lot of photographers nowadays are using Insta to show off their personalities and you can get a real good insight on who they are, what they like and what their brand is through their feed or stories. You can check out my little digital corner by clicking here.


Why Buy An Album

Photographs are meant to be printed. There is nothing like a beautifully designed photo album to display and preserve your photos in a way that everyone can hold and enjoy. Although online galleries and digital image displays are becoming an increasingly popular, inexpensive way to display photographs, there is still nothing like a physical photo album.

Albums are books which tell your story. Well-designed albums inspire and elicit a wide range of emotions in incredible detail and brilliant color. Many photographers will spend hours or even days to craft a design that shows off your images as individual works of art. Albums are well worth the investment – they will last a lifetime and make your images accessible to anyone, anytime! I offer printed products within my online gallery. My clients love it as they can choose the photos they want in the album, or leave it up to me!

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Ready to book?

If you’re reading this and wondering who you should look for. Look no further because I would love to get started with you! Let’s open the conversation with a free initial consultation! In it, we will go over my services, portfolio, and most importantly, your love story. Which I would be honored to tell through beautiful photos. Please reach me anytime via this link here : Message me!

I hope you found this article helpful, let me know down below!


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