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Hi friends, I’m so excited to share this! I started this blog to not only showcase my photo work, but to be a helpful guide to all couples navigating through their wedding planning. I know first-hand how exciting it is to start envisioning your wedding, picking out colors and themes and checking things off your list! It really is a magical time ✨ But it can also get easily overwhelming with so many choices and things to do. I totally get it! So I wanted to start a vendor interview series to be as helpful as I can. I will be interviewing different experienced vendors in all wedding areas. My goal is to introduce them to you and ask them questions every couple should know and highlight how incredible they would be to be on your wedding team.

Before we jump into this amazing interview, let me first announce that GVNY and I have collaborated on a bridal deal! We are offering a boudoir session at a discounted price only after you hire both of us as your wedding vendors. If you want more information just message me at or click this link to read the blog article for more information.

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Today we are interviewing Milenka Tello the founder and lead makeup artist of Glam Vanity NY! If you didn’t know already, getting your hair and makeup done is crucial for your wedding so why not introduce you to this awesome mobile glam team!

Below is our interview with Milenka from Glam Vanity NY, followed by their contact information so you can follow up with them if you think they’re amazing! Which they totally are ☺️


Tell us about yourself and your team:

“It’s pretty funny, when I get asked this question my mind goes blank and I start to question who really am I? 😂  Let me start by telling you a few of my favorite things about myself. I am 25 years old and I am the oldest out of my 7 siblings, I know crazy but I love my huge family! I am a mommy to my 3 year old cat Leo and just had to put my very first fur baby Kaylie down 3 months ago. She couldn’t have lived a more fabulous life; my family and I miss
her very much. I currently reside in Nassau County where most of our clients live which brings me so much joy given that I’m such a foodie and LOVE trying out new restaurants as well as recommending them! What do I love? Beauty, Skincare, mystery documentaries, oh and my fiancé of course. 💁🏻‍♀️‍️ Beauty has always caught my attention and always came easy to me. I grew up watching my mother getting “glammed” up even if she was only going to the supermarket. I would constantly grab her makeup bag and try on all her makeup.

(I even have pictures of little me with red lipstick smeared all over my lips.) As I got older, my mom would catch me applying lipstick on myself perfectly without even looking into a mirror. She would say “she’s a natural”. Growing up with a mother who always loved looking her best, I

naturally followed her footsteps. I enjoyed the process of enhancing my features; from making my small eyes stand out, to wearing bold lipstick, getting dolled up every day was something I thought was normal. Being able to go from a natural everyday-look with eyeliner, mascara and a little concealer to full glam with lashes, highlight and contour, makes me feel like I can do anything. After all, who runs the world? (wink, wink)


How long have you been in the beauty business?

“It’s funny you ask how long, I genuinely cannot put a set date. But, I do remember being so self-conscious about my acne prone skin as a teen. After visiting numerous dermatologists and trying so many medications and topicals, it made me look into makeup even more. I began researching ingredients and playing with different types of makeup to help cover all the redness and acne scars on my face.

My two favorite makeup items were concealer and my winged eyeliner. Till’ this day, you will not see me without my winged eyeliner. I feel like a total badass with it on. As I got familiar with makeup, my friends would always ask me to create different looks on them. Then one day, my friend asked me to do her makeup for her sweet 16 and I couldn’t believe it! I was not a professional at the time and definitely did not think I was but I was so excited yet nervous and hesitant all at once. The day finally came and while at my friends Sweet 16, everyone was complimenting her. They were asking where she had her makeup professionally done and if she had their business card. Every single time I heard those words, I wanted to jump up with joy, I couldn’t believe others really loved my work! A month later I received a box in the mail of businesses cards with my name and a website link. I was so confused! When I searched up the website, all the professional pictures from my friends Sweet 16 were on there. I couldn’t believe it! From that day on, I had the courage and knew exactly what path I wanted to take. And the rest is history.”


How did Glam Vanity NY get started?

“The thought of Glam Vanity NY started in 2015. I was a part time student and working part time at Sephora in Manhasset as a makeup artist. I remember being so excited to work at Sephora. Within the first 3 months of working there, I had clients calling in and requesting me every single weekend. I won the VIA Makeup Artist of the Month for November and I thought it was the most amazing thing in the world. Being recognized by Sephora and other amazing makeup artists was what kept motivating me. While working at Sephora, many of my followers would reach out and book me. It came down to working for Sephora part time or being my own boss. My manager at the time Ashley, whom is still a great friend, would constantly push me to be better. I finally decided to be my own boss and freelance. After a while I was getting booked up so far in advance and every bride had a larger group than the previous weekend. I decided it was time for me to start interviewing and expand business. After a while it wasn’t just makeup, my brides would constantly ask me for hair stylist recommendations too! I had to find a way to make the process for our brides easier. After all, planning a wedding is already overwhelming. I wanted to make sure we could check off more than one service on our bride’s to-do list and help make the process easier.”


What kind of services do you offer?

“We have grown so much in a short amount of time. We not only offer hair and makeup services for our brides wedding day and photoshoots, we also offer lash lifts along with hair styling and makeup services for all other special events. We offer a luxurious experience at the comfort of your own home or venue. This makes the “getting ready” process 100x easier.”


Is there a particular look that Glam Vanity NY specializes in?

“We like to use a combination of current trends along with classic iconic staples to ensure our clients look perfect in every single way. We are mostly known for being able to do very flawless natural glam to full glam with glowy healthy-looking skin that lasts all day and night. I take so much pride on how well our makeup & hair lasts. Our team is AMAZING!”


What’s your booking process?

“We have a book now/inquire tab on our website where you can enter your contact information along with important details such as the event date, time, and the type of services you need. This way, once we receive all of your information we can book a meeting or a call to discuss what’s important to you including the details and your vision. We like making this a memorable and easy experience for our clients.”


How does your team go about working with what your bride envisions for her makeup and hair?

“When it comes to our brides, we make sure we fully understand what she loves and most importantly what she is comfortable with. Since we pay attention to every detail, our trial process can take up to 3.5 hours. Some brides are not 100% set on what hair style or makeup look they are comfortable with. Whatever the looks are, we are here for it. We LOVE any challenge you can throw at us. We always explain each process and always give our professional advice. The goal is for our brides to feel and look their best, all while getting a personalized luxury experience.”


How many events can you take in one day?

“We have taken up to 5 brides & their bridal party all in 1 day. We have done bridal parties of 10+. Not to mention, my team and I have done destination weddings and have traveled to Montauk and to Florida for our brides. As hectic as it can get, my pro team and I have extensive experience in bridals which ensures our brides they are in very capable hands.”


Thalia Photography collaboration with Glam Vanity NY

How long do you generally need to set up?

“We typically only need 15 minutes to set up, we come with our makeup and hair styling kits, ring lights, director chairs, and of course our brides surprise goodie bag. Our goal is for our brides to sit back, relax and enjoy every single second of their special day while we handle the rest.”


How far in advance do you generally like couples to book you?

“We have been booked up to 2 years in advance. Securing the right hair and makeup glam team for your wedding day and all of your events leading up to it are important. From your engagement party, to bridal shower, to your wedding. (Typically, all happen within two years.) Having the right bridal glam team ensures you will love the way you look on your wedding day. We also have had brides book us only 3 months in advance and we have fit them in for a trial. Our goal at Glam Vanity NY is to make the process for our brides easier and stress free. What is so great about our team is we typically have 2 hair stylists and 2 makeup artists for each bridal party which means we can take more than 2 bridal parties at the same time. This is why I started hiring more pro’s this year.”


Any future plans or goals for Glam Vanity NY?

“At the moment we are in the process of launching our cosmetics and lash line. For the last few months of 2019 only, our brides have had access to our Glam Vanity Cosmetic line. We can’t wait to make our luxury products available to the world! My goal is to branch out and open up multiple Glam Vanity Luxury Studios in New York, New Jersey, and all the way to California.”

Is there anything you would want to tell potential future clients about yourself, your business, or booking you for their event/wedding?

“1. We offer trials that include airbrush and our traditional waterproof makeup this way you are confident you absolutely love us and your makeup! ‍️💁🏻‍♀️

2. It’s never too early to book our glam team!! Most of our brides book us for their engagement shoots, engagement parties, and all the events leading up to their wedding day. We offer special discounts when you book us for 2 or more events and we have exclusive pricing for bridal parties of more than 5 including you, the bride. 👰🏻

3. I give you my personal number which you can call or text at any time of the day. We are here for you and there is no such thing as a silly question. After all, this is all for one of the best days of your life! Our ultimate goal is to give you the most personalized luxury experience all while embracing your beauty. We do not rush, we listen to what is important to you and most importantly, we care.” P.S. If you liked what you read, give them a follow @GlamVanityNY



Well there you have it folks! I hope this is super helpful and made you jump up and down because you now know who’s gonna be your hair and makeup team ☺️ If you’re wondering how you can connect with Glam Vanity NY you can find their contact information below! Let me know what you think in the comments below! Do you like that I’m starting a vendor interview section?


Glam Vanity NY Contact Information

Website :
Instagram : @glamvanityny
Email :
Phone : 516-721-8323

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