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Hi friends, I’m so excited to share this next vendor interview! If you didn’t get a chance to read my first one with pro make up and hair team Glam Vanity NY, you can do so here. I know first-hand how it’s like to try to find the perfect wedding team for your day. So every month I will be interviewing a different experienced vendor in all wedding areas. My goal is to introduce them to you. Ask them questions every couple should know and highlight how incredible they would be to be on your wedding team. And this next one is a graphic designer!

Today we are interviewing Emily Barrett the founder and graphic designer of Fox Burrow Designs! Nowadays it’s all about hand lettering and custom made things just for you. So it’s a no-brainer that more couples are going to a pro graphic designer to create something unique and beautiful to signify their wedding day. She is offering 10% off when you book a custom wedding design service when you mention “Thalia Photo” while booking. Special offer available exclusively only from this blog! We spoke with Emily from Fox Burrow Designs about this and about her beautiful art and business. Not only does she create wedding invitation suites, but she also has a travel blog and an art print and fabric business!

Graphic Designer Emily Barrett from Fox Burrow Designs

Tell us about yourself! Who you are, your passions, what you like to do, anything!

My name is Emily, and I love tea, binge watching New Girl and traveling the world! I am an FIT graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fabric Styling and a passion for exploring different countries and cultures whenever I can!

What was your path to starting your business? How did you get started as a graphic designer and what has it grown into?

First I decided to start Fox Burrow Designs when I quit my 9-5 corporate design job to backpack across Southeast Asia. I figured if I wanted to travel the world, I better figure out a way to make money while I did that. I gained so much inspiration from my adventures across Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, that I came home to New York and started illustrating the places I had been. Fast forward three years and that has evolved into a successful art print, stationery, fabric and wedding business with a heavy global influence!

Graphic Designer Emily Barrett from Fox Burrow Designs showing her fabrics

What can clients expect when they come to Fox Burrow Designs for their wedding invitations? What makes you different from other designers?

When I work with a new bridal client I really take the time to learn exactly what their design inspiration is, and try to emulate that as best I can while keeping each client’s designs unique to them. My passion for illustrating places and buildings has set me apart with brides looking for custom venue illustrations to add to their invitations, and I think that captures my design strengths perfectly!

Thalia Photography styled shoot with Fox Burrow Designs Wedding Suite

What are the advantages of working with a local designer like yourself instead of finding something online from a site like Vista Print, for example? What tips or advice can you give to couples who are considering hiring a local designer?

Working with a local designer is great because we can meet in person and really dive into what you are looking for. We can review material samples and clients can feel everything for themselves to make a more informed decision! When you work with an online company, designs can get very cookie cutter. A local designer like myself can tailor each experience to fit your exact needs. My advice for anyone considering a local designer is to set up a call or meeting before committing to anything. That way you can see if you all are on the same page, and that’s when the magic happens!

Other than wedding invitations, you have a shop filled with home decor, other stationery, travel accessories and more! Tell us more about the other areas we can shop from Fox Burrow Designs:

Fox Burrow Designs is first and foremost an art print company. That is where my roots are and the first products I ever offered. Having evolved over the years, I narrowed my focus to more travel themed products, like my travel art collections, travel planners and globally inspired fabric designs. Wedding invitations seemed like a natural next step for me, and all of my clients so far have been super happy with the end result!

Graphic Designer Emily Barrett from Fox Burrow Designs

How far in advance should a couple book you for their custom wedding suite? What’s your booking process from start to end?

I don’t usually limit my clients to a strict timeline of when you “should” book with me, but I suggest giving the design and printing process at least six months in advance. Couples usually reach out to me through the contact form on the wedding page of my site and give me an idea of what they are looking for. I then email them a preliminary price quote tailored just to them and their budget within 1-2 business days. If they decide to work together, I set up a meeting or video call to discuss design and timeline for a finished suite. Once the first round of designs is complete, there is a digital proofing process where clients are able to make any changes before final approval. I always supply one hard proof of an approved design to make sure everyone is happy before final printing.

Fox Burrow Designs custom made note cards

What styles of calligraphy/design do you offer? Which ones are your favorite as a graphic designer?

If you can dream it, I can design it! That’s what I usually tell my clients. I have done very formal invitations with text only, and I have done really casual and fun invitations with barn and alpaca illustrations. It’s completely up to my clients! My favorite designs are the ones where I get to illustrate a venue, because architectural illustrations are my passion!

Thalia Photography styled shoot with graphic designer Fox Burrow Designs Wedding Suite

Tell us about the architectural wedding suite you created:

Each client I have worked with has challenged me in new ways and brought me out of my comfort zone and I love that. Angelique and James wanted an architectural drawing of their church and venue, but they also wanted their suite letter pressed. I had never offered letter press before because I do not own a letter press machine, but it opened so many opportunities with a new letter press company that I could collaborate with on their project.

Thalia Photography styled shoot with graphic designer Fox Burrow Designs Wedding Suite

Tell us about the alpacas!

Danielle and Andrew were having their wedding at a rustic barn and inn in Vermont. This couple was super laid back and fun and wanted their invitations to match their personality and the rustic feel of their venue. I suggested doing an illustration of the inn for the invitation, and the barn where the reception was being held on the details card. They loved this idea, but her only request was “as long as you include the alpacas!” So of course, I did.

Thalia Photography styled shoot with graphic designer Fox Burrow Designs Wedding Suite

Tell us about the one you experimented with:

Maria and Jonathan wanted greenery to match the floral arrangements of their wedding. While this one didn’t offer the chance to illustrate a venue, it was the first time I experimented with printing on vellum. That one detail made this suite stand out from any others I have done and it is a favorite of mine!

Any future plans or goals for Fox Burrow Designs or as a graphic designer?

My goals for Fox Burrow Design are to continue traveling and creating artwork based on my experiences. I also hope to grow my wedding design business because it has quickly become one of the most fun things I do! I have some new fabric collections in the works as well! I’m very excited for my business’s future!

Graphic Design frames from Fox Burrow Designs

Is there anything you would want to tell potential clients about yourself, your business, or booking you for their event/wedding?

As a designer, I am very open to working collaboratively with you on your designs. It’s your day after all, and I want your invitations to be a reflection of that. I am also very quick to respond to any questions or concerns. If you email me, I usually answer within a few hours or a day at the latest, so everything will always be done exactly on time if not sooner!

Where can clients connect with you?

Clients can reach me on my website :

They can follow me on Instagram : @foxburrowdesigns

Or they can send me an email:

Isn’t Emily just an awesome person to connect with? She’s super passionate about her business and incredibly talented! You know you’re in the right hands with this graphic designer. I hope this was super helpful! My hope is that it made your decisions on a designer a little clearer! ☺️ Make sure to connect with Emily about your wedding invitation needs. Also, just take a look at her shop! Don’t forget about the 10% off when you mention “Thalia Photo”! Thanks for reading ♥️ Let me know what you think about this interview in the comments below!

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