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Minimal Intimate Backyard COVID-19 Wedding | New York | Bernadette and Gabe

A COVID-19 Wedding

Who knew that 2020 would bring the world to an abrupt pause. From closing down jobs to postponing weddings, I think we’ve seen all that COVID-19 can do. I feel so much for my sweet couple, Bernadette and Gabe, who had to downsize their already small, minimal intimate wedding. They are troopers though. Despite the heartbreaking news that some family members could not make it due to the pandemic, they decided to push forward and get married on their original date. Can we give em’ some love please? It’s already hard enough to deal with the fact that loved ones can’t be there on one of the most important days of your life. So if you feel it in your heart, write in the comments below and show them some love!

Let me tell you a bit about Bernadette and Gabe:

We met at a bridal expo and instantly connected. Well they connected with my husband first ☺️ We shared something similar and it was that we had a backyard wedding, and that’s what Bernadette and Gabe were going to do. Already my husband had tips and suggestions to share! After that, we met up to get coffee and talk some more about their wedding needs. We both learned that we love coffee, The Office the show and Chick-fil-A, so right away (again) we connected! It was so lovely getting to meet a down to earth couple who I instantly connected with!

How they met:

In getting to know them I learned that they met in the city where they both worked. She shared that she was actually his boss! They worked together for about a year before he finally made his move and the rest is history! Bernadette mentioned that no one actually found out about them dating until after they both left the store and moved to Seattle, where she grew up. They lived there for a year and then moved out to Long Island, where he’s from.

How he proposed:

Now the way he proposed was really sweet! Bernadette shared that, “it was just us two, in his parent’s yard (where our reception is going to be). It’s always been a special place for us because his late grandmother spent a lot of time there. He had already spoken to my family without me knowing but didn’t even know he was going to do it that day. Everything just lined up and felt right. It was intimate and not at all what I expected, yet perfect in every way.”

The minimal intimate wedding day:

Despite the minimal intimate wedding day being different than what Bernadette and Gabe had planned, it was still a lovely and beautiful day! I arrived at the hotel where Bernadette was getting ready. It was a calm morning, everyone was in good spirits. Since we were still under COVID-19 rules, everyone wore masks. And of course, Bernadette’s sister who unfortunately couldn’t make it due to the pandemic, was on FaceTime the whole time ♥️ Bern had a first look for her parents and her mom helped her with her dress and veil. It was a sweet moment when her mom got a little teary eyed 😌

The intimate wedding ceremony:

The church ceremony was definitely one to remember! Masks on, six feet apart and blue taped benches. But other than that, it was really sweet ☺️ Bernadette and Gabe really were so giddy to be getting married, it was infectious! After the ceremony we took the formal portraits and then left to capture some Bride and Groom romantics. They chose a beautiful wide street filled with greenery. It was so fun and dreamy!

The minimal wedding reception:

Their reception was held at Gabe’s parents home, it was beautiful! It totally made this minimal intimate wedding one to remember. Upon entering the reception, Bern and Gabe drank wine and ate salt and bread, which is a custom to Lithuanians. It symbolizes joy, tears, and work, the three elements of a life together. Bern and Gabe went around greeting their guests and having fun with them with conversations and beer pong. They constantly were FaceTiming loved ones who couldn’t make it as well. Gabe’s sweet little sister entertained everyone with her Mad Libs, which were really funny. Fun fact, Gabe cooked all the dinner! And it was really good. The cake was a Lithuanian one called, Šakotis, it was so good! The speeches were nothing but sweet, everyone told stories about Bern and Gabe and how they wish them nothing but happiness.

The sweetest wedding gift

But before I left, Bern and Gabe surprised me with an incredibly thoughtful gift. They know how much I love The Office (Bern does too) so they got me a Dundie award that read “Did I Shutter Award”!!!! For those that don’t know, just Google it! I literally teared up because for those that know me I love giving thoughtful gifts, so to receive one myself is just so heart warming ♥️ I hope you all love this sweet wedding as much as I did. Make sure to give them some love down at the comments below! As always you can view my other weddings here! For company and vendor information, please scroll down below.



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Photographer: Thalia Nino @thaliacameraist

Bride’s Apparel: Dress- David’s Bridal. Shoes- Steve Madden. Earrings and Veil- Amazon

Groom’s Apparel: Suit/Shirt/Tie/Shoes- Brooks Brothers

Officiant: Father Mike

Cake: Lithuanian cake home-made by groom

Invitations: Cards and Pockets @cardsandpockets

Rentals: Please B Seated @pbsevents


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