Belvedere Castle | NYC Engagement Photography

September 1, 2021

Central Park in the summer is always so magical. For Joelle and Sean’s engagement session, we decided to head over to one of my favorite spots in Central Park, Belvedere Castle. Of course in the summer, Central Park is always a bit crowded, so I came early to scout out the best spots with the least amount of people. I was able to find a few quiet areas where Joelle and Sean could feel relaxed and have a bit of privacy during their session. I brought my speakers and we played some music to loosen everyone up.

We all had such a great time! Joelle mentioned at one point, “Sean is a hugeeeee Mets Fan and we would like a picture of him with his Jersey on. Although I am not a Mets Fan I can support him.” We snagged a few pictures in their jerseys as an homage. Joelle and Sean were so sweet and so easy to photograph. Sweet couples like them make my job so much fun!

Are you ready to book your own Belvedere Castle engagement photography? Contact me here to get started! And if you want to get some more inspiration, take a look at this beautiful NYC engagement photography up on the blog!

Couple kissing on porch Man holding woman's hand from behind on outdoor porch Couple looking off in the distance with man holding woman from behind Man holding and kissing woman's hand from behind B&W Couple holding hands by ledge with beautiful engagement ring Couple standing face to face and man holding and kissing woman's hand B&W blurry portrait of couple holding each other in front of trees Woman holding man from behind and laughing Couple holding hands close to their chests on the sidewalk B&W Couple with arms around each other walking on sidewalk Couple holding each other close and nuzzling their noses Couple sitting on Central Park Rock together with rival Baseball shirts on Woman sitting on man's lap on wooden bench Woman sitting on man's lap on and and man nuzzling on shoulder of woman wooden bench Man resting his head on woman's shoulder while sitting on wooden bench Woman sitting on man's lap on wooden bench in park B&W Couple holding each other close and looking into each others eyes Closeup of couple extending hands to each other with engagement ring on



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