Gardiner County Park | New York Engagement Photography

For Alexa and Billy’s engagement session, we decided to head out to beautiful Gardiner County Park in Bay Shore. This session was extra special since Alexa was pregnant at the time and due the next week! I got to capture some beautiful photos with her bump and savor the last few moments as a family of 3. The third member of their family, their pup Loki, also made an appearance.

Alexa mentioned, “It might be a little hard to break Billy out of his shell since he usually hates pictures”. I saw this as a challenge. I easily broke Billy out of his shell by making jokes that made both of them laugh, I played music to lessen the awkward silence, and just made sure they focused on each other and not so much on my camera. Their dog Loki was THE cutest and such a good boy. He definitely lives up to the name as he was a curious mischievous little pup. But cute nonetheless! We all had such a great time exploring Gardiner County Park and getting to enjoy the day. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding this October!

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