There’s always such a thrill when it comes to proposing to the one you love. And you can’t expect anything less then on a helicopter! Ross Aviation was such a delight to work with, they made sure everything was set up perfectly. For Alex and Rosita’s White Plains Helicopter Proposal Engagement Photography, she had no clue and was just expecting to fly around the city. I of course knew what was happening and so did the pilot. We flew over the The Hudson River and went around sight seeing the beautiful skyscrapers of New York City.


Alex had mentioned that they were from Arizona and that this was their first time in New York! I’m thinking, what a best time to be in New York and get proposed to! After about 30 mins in the air, we were coming down. The Ross Aviation had set up the ‘Marry Me’ sign and once Rosita saw it, she was shocked! And then tears fell down her face, they had such a sweet moment together. Alex and Rosita were so giggly and excited and I could not be any more happy for them!


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