Prosser Pines Nature Preserve | New York Engagement Photography

It may just be me, but something about two people in love in the fall is just so romantic and sweet. The cool autumn breeze, the changing leaves, and cozy sweater hugs. It all makes my heart so happy. For Elisa and Frank’s New York engagement photography session, we wanted to capture all of these happy feels. We headed out to Prosser Pines Nature Preserve and had such a great time exploring, laughing, and getting to know each other. Because of the weather, we had to reschedule this session twice, but I’d say it was worth the wait.

Elisa and Frank are such go with the flow type of people, which makes my job so much easier. Elisa mentioned to me, “We are very good at knowing what the other person is thinking. We can finish each other’s sentences. Frank can understand me when English is hard!” We all had so much fun adventuring through the forest and, I may be biased, but these pictures are just too cute.

Are you ready to book your own Prosser Pines Nature Preserve engagement session? Contact me here to get started! And if you want to get some more inspiration, take a look at this beautiful fall engagement photography up on the blog!

Couple holding hands and walking in tall tree forest together Closeup of couple extending their arms out to hold hands with emphasis of engagement ring Couple close together and holding each other with engagement ring B&W woman's hand on man's chest with engagement ring Couple nuzzling together and extending their arms out and holding hands Woman wrapping arms around man in the forest Closeup of man holding woman with watch on and engagement ring Man wrapping arms around woman in autumn forest B&W Couple kissing in the forest Man holding woman from behind in fall forest with sun shining through trees Couple holding each other leaning on tree with autumn leafs on the ground Couple holding hands with woman looking from behind with dead leafs on the ground Shot of couple kissing with leaf obstructing couple Shot from the ground of couple holding hands and kissing in the forest Woman holding man from behind who is sitting on fallen tree trunk in autumn forest B&W Couple holding hands and walking through forest together Couple popping Champaign in fall forest B&W couple leaning on tree and holding each other close Couple popping Champaign in autumn forest Formal portrait of woman holding man's arm in front of orange leaf fall tree Closeup of couple kissing underneath fall leaf tree Couple kissing and walking in fallen leaf forest Couple kissing in autumn forest covered in leafs

  1. […] me here to get started! And if you want to get some more inspiration, take a look at this sweet engagement photography session up on the […]

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