Peconic River Herb Farm Engagement Photography

December 31, 2021

I first met Jenna a few years back when we worked together in 2014 at Urban Outfitters. Little did I know a few years later I’d be photographing her and her sweet fiance’s engagement photography and wedding! I’m always so honored to be trusted for such an important milestone in my friends’ lives. Jenna and Paul wanted to capture some romantic fall engagement photos, and I knew that Peconic River Herb Farm would be the perfect spot. It has so many picturesque spots around the farm and in the forest. They even brought their adorable pup, Watson. (You can follow Watson here on Instagram!) Jenna works with animals and Watson himself is a rescue, so it was important to include him in their photos. Watson definitely stole the show throughout our session. We all had so much fun exploring the farm and enjoying a beautiful autumn day.

Are you ready to book your own Peconic River Herb Farm engagement photography? Contact me here to get started! And if you want to get some more inspiration, take a look at this beautiful Long Island engagement photography up on the blog!

Couple standing together with dog on leash in front of The Tool Shed Couple leaning down to pet dog and dog licking man on nose Couple leaning down to pet dog and cuddling dog B&W Portrait of couple with dog in between them Couple holding each other and man kissing woman on forehead in front of ToolShed Closeup of woman's hand with engagement ring Man kissing woman on forehead outside in fall area B&W Couple extending arms out and holding hands and leaning in to kiss Closeup of man's arm around woman Man hugging woman from behind in front of the ToolShed Couple standing together on dead leaf autumn ground with dog Dog running on fall leaf ground Couple standing and holding hands in front of door Couple sitting with dog for portrait obstructed by dead fall leafs Couple sitting on outdoor straw table and kissing out in autumn leaf forest Closeup of Man nuzzling against woman's head Couple sitting on wooden outdoor chairs in fall area Closeup of couple holding hands on lap with engagement ring Couple holding hands and walking on dirt path of Autumn forest Couple holding hands and walking on Fall ground with dog with them Individual portraits of Couple with pet dog Couple sitting on small step with Autumn leafs all over with dog Couple sitting together and laughing in Fall leaf front porch



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