Islip Grange Engagement Photography

Jessica and Ryan’s Islip Grange engagement photography session was one of the sweetest! It was on a perfect fall day where the leaves were just about to all fall down. They came dressed to the nines in their fall attire. For a chilly day, they brought coffee with them for the shoot from where Ryan works at Flux Coffee. And it just so happens that Flux is one of my favorite coffee shops on Long Island. They even brought me a coffee! So sweet of them.

We enjoyed ourselves laughing, getting to know one another, telling jokes and sipping coffee. They are such a silly and cute couple and I couldn’t get over how perfect the photos were coming out. Jessica had mentioned that the outfit planning guide I sent them really helped them coordinate their outfits. She got her beautiful dress from Madewell! I’m so glad our paths crossed and that I got to help capture such a special time in their lives.

Are you ready to book your own engagement photography? Contact me here to get started! And if you want to get some more inspiration, take a look at this beautiful Islip Grange session up on the blog!

Couple standing together in front of rustic windmill Man laying on woman's lap while they are on bench outside Couple leaning on simple fence with fall leafs on the ground drinking and kissing Man kissing woman from behind, both holding coffee cups Closeup of couple holding Flux coffee cups Man holding woman and kissing her on the cheek with autumn leafs on the ground Portrait of lower half of couple standing on fall ground with leafs Couple in goofy poses with woman holding coffee cup by mouth outside Couple looking at each other by wooden fence with leafs on the ground Couple kissing each other by autumn tree with leafs falling around them B&W woman with man on her back out in fall field Couple walking around autumn field together Closeup of couple's shoes on fall leaf ground Closeup of woman holding man's arms Couple hugging and kissing each other out in autumn field Couple resting on each others heads with both B&W and colored portraits Couple extending arms toward each other closeup Couple under fall tree on grassy field Couple holding hands under tree with blurry leafs in front of them Couple holding hands right by tree and portrait of lower half Couple walking on fall leaf field and kissing Wide shot of couple looking into the distance on green field Closeup of woman holding man's arm out on field Closeup of couple holding hands on field Motion blurred B&W shot of couple holding hands on field

  1. […] me here to get started! And if you want to get some more inspiration, take a look at this beautiful Islip Grange session up on the […]

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