Man proposing to woman and hugging on the beach

Nickerson Beach Proposal Photography

Angel had reached out to me and was excited to talk about proposal photography for his upcoming engagement. His plan was to walk her down the boardwalk that leads directly to the beach from the parking lot, and surprise her there. The event planner Christine, also a friend of mine, had a whole table set up with floor pillows, flowers, decor and a charcuterie board from Funcuterie.

We all waited patiently, hiding behind a trailer that was on the beach. I pretended I was a beach visitor taking photos of the ocean. Sammi had never met me before so it was perfect, she would never recognize me. Angel and Sammi started walking up to the table, and by then I’m sure she knew something was up. I was still far behind them taking photos with my zoom lens. I wanted to make sure I didn’t ruin or interrupt the moment by getting too close too soon. He read her a poem that ended up asking her for marriage, Angel said. He got down on one knee and she said yes! By then I was closer to them, and got the most amazing shot while the birds were flying by above them. The rest of the night was celebrated with champagne, snacks and laughter!

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