McAllister County Park Engagement Photography

We woke up super early for this shoot to make it to sunrise! It was in the beginning of November so it was a bit chilly but totally manageable. McAllister County Park A.K.A Pirates Cove is one of my favorite places to shoot at. The dunes are big and beautiful and it’s the perfect place to do a sunrise shoot. Walking towards the big dune took about 10 mins. Then we hiked up to the top. It was amazing seeing the sun beginning to rise above the horizon.

We had fun exploring the land, talking and walking around. While getting to know each other, I found that Rob also has an engagement ring! He told me the story of how it all went down. They both knew a proposal was coming, they had talked about getting married and all. He mentioned how weird it is that the guy doesn’t get a ring as well during the engagement period. So while Rob was planning on proposing to Dena, Dena was also planning on proposing to him! So they both have an engagement ring, how sweet is that?

Towards the end of the session Rob took out his kite. They had wanted to bring something that was special to them so they brought their kite. It’s one of their favorite hobbies so of course it made the session unique.

Are you ready to book your own beach engagement photography? Contact me here to get started! And if you want to get some more inspiration, take a look at this beautiful McAllister County Park session up on the blog!

B&W couple holding each other on sand of the beach Couple walking up sandy hill together Couple holding each other close on beach looking out at the ocean Couple kissing each other while standing on the beach Couple holding each other on sandy hill Closeup of couple holding each others arms with rings on Man holding woman from behind looking off to the distance on sand Couple resting their heads on each others closeup Closeup of couple looking into each others eyes with the ocean in front of them Couple holding each other and looking out to the water Couple looking into each others eyes on the beach Couple standing on top of sandy hill by the ocean water Couple's legs out on sandy field Couple on top of sandy hill with arms around each other and looking at each other Beach side scenery shot Candid shot of couple walking on sand towards ocean Couple standing and facing each other on the beach Man holding woman by the ocean B&W closeup of couple holding hands Candid shot of man holding kite Couple standing on top of sandy hill by the ocean Couple kissing on sand hill Closeup of couple kissing with shot obscured Couple resting their heads against each other Couple flying kite on sandy hill on the beach Couple flying kite on sandy hill on the beach Couple flying a kite together Woman holding kite up in the air Couple kissing by sandy hill

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