Coffee in Chelsea

Nothing beats coffee in the city! My dear friend Autumn and I took a little trip down Chelsea, NY. We didn’t really know where we were going, we just walked around until something tickled our fancy. We came across this cute place called The Commons Chelsea

The baristas here are pretty artistic. I was so in love with the latte art that he did for me. I just wish I remembered his name to give him credit! I think it was Carlos…I’m not sure! 

They use La Colombe beans for their coffee, and let me tell you…it was so good! The coffee was fresh and it hit the spot. They even have a cute little spot to sit down and enjoy right in front of their store. We didn’t have any of their pastries but from the looks of their menu, they looked delish.

After the coffee we just kept on walking around the beautiful city.


Now for some fun…can you tell me what’s wrong in this picture? Leave in the comments below!


Photo by Autumn Myers

Grab some coffee from them next time you’re in Chelsea and tell me how much you enjoyed it too! 🙂

Till next week lovelies!



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