At Home Engagement Photography

As an engagement photographer, I get to photograph tons of couples in love. I have absolutely fallen in love with at home engagement photography, as you get to see couples in their own space and totally comfortable! I’m always an advocate for at home engagement photography (and you can see why here!) Becky and Tanner had wanted an at home session because their home was so meaningful to them. They built their home and started a family here with their dog, Waffles! It made it even more special! Becky had her hair beautifully done by Ink & Ivy and her make up done by Angela Zavala.

To add a little variety, we took photos outside in the yard and across the street. I always mention to my couples to do something unique that represents them during the session so they decided to brew a pot of coffee, bake cookies and make soup! It was such a blast getting to capture all the silliness and fun they had. You could really feel the love and how special their space is to them. 10/10 recommend.

Are you ready to book your own at home engagement photography? Contact me here to get started! And if you want to get some more inspiration, take a look at this beautiful at home session up on the blog!

Couple standing next to each other in autumn keaf filled backyard with wooden fence and dog Couple holding hands and walking down the middle of the street with Fall trees around Woman holding man's arm with both hands and walking through Autumn tree trail Couple sitting on back porch entrance stairs and holding each Couple opening oven and putting in chocolate chip cookies Couple sitting across from each other at table and doing cheers with mugs B&W Candid shot of woman petting dog's chin at dinner table Couple sitting together at table and drinking out of mugs Woman resting on man's shoulder at table with mugs Woman holding dog and man looking into dog's eyes Couple on living room couch petting dog Man putting on apron while entering kitchen Couple taking out baked homemade chocolate cookies Couple dancing in kitchen with hands extended Dog laying down on couch and couple hugging blurry woman kissing man on forehead and nuzzling heads Woman playing with man's beard and kissing while sitting on caroet against couch Couple sitting together and leaning on couch Woman sitting on kitchen counter and couple eating cookie Man letting woman taste soup from laddle cooking Couple laying down on end of bed playing with dog in the middle Couple laying down on end of bed and kissing Closeup of woman kissing side of man's head Couple laying on end of bed together holding hands

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